You find a private diary written in a messy, yet whimsical, handwriting... no one is looking, will you read it?

Hello cruel world!


Welcome to my lair!

This is my first official post (there is a secret uncensored private morning pages journal post prequel to this post that true fans can access by searching the website carefully for a yellow submarine). I moved here with the change in my pocket and a dream, yeah I wandered through the blogger world in the past, begging for pity subscriptions, thinking I would get rich enough to quit my minimum wage job and pay down my student loan debt to a hypothetical Tom Nook… but eventually I realized that I’m not the This is Why Your Fat Blog that is delighting us all, I’m not that punny and I’m neither grumpy nor a cat. So really I’m here for me – as a creator – to enjoy the process of writing and drawing and hopefully inspire both my readers along the way -just kidding, I don’t have two readers. Anyways I have to go now, for THAT reason.

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  • My Future Self November 14, 2016 at 9:43 pm

    Hi, this is a comment from your future self:
    I’m proud of you, even though you become disgustingly successful, you always made time to stop blogging and do THAT.
    *Remember when you were worried about spending $49 on a custom theme that you really wanted and you didn’t even know what a custom theme was? But then you bought it anyways and accepted free help from customer service for stuff that you were supposed to buy the premium packages to get, but they just helped you anyways.
    *Remember when you though about Rachel Stafford, Mark Manson and Jessica Dimas being blog writers, that are real and talented writers, but you thought you couldn’t do what they do? Then Jessica helped you for no reason at all, other than that she is awesome.
    *Remember when you found Ju Ju Sprinkles’s Blog and it changed the way you thought about your own little drawings and made you feel warm and fuzzy and excited about organizing your out of control kitchen, because there was a cute drawing of kitchen items? And you knew that you wanted to start drawing again and start sharing your drawings with humanity?
    *Remember how much Michael Sheridan’s Blog changed your life by letting you know the real meaning of dream symbols and what your own dreams really mean, when you were so out of touch with your emotions that they couldn’t even be felt during your waking hours?
    The key to your own success as a blogger was having fun with it, making time for THAT and remembering why you headed down this long and digital road.

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