You find a private diary written in a messy, yet whimsical, handwriting... no one is looking, will you read it?

What the ? are Morning Pages?

Morning Pages
What are morning pages? Morning pages are to journal writing, as unicorns are to Horses. Julia Cameron started this particular type of writing, that is journal writing, but in a specific way.

One Road to Sanity
What people don’t tell you about morning pages is they make you go sane. You may love them, you may hate them, but it’s kind of moving your subconscious self talk to one time of day, it’s a place to vent, if you don’t need to vent you can examine or think, if you don’t need to do that you can produce poems or books, however never expect a set amount of product. Let yourself vent all you need to and if you do write anything to share then by all means use it, but don’t expect it.

750 words a day or three pages a day, anytime of day. You can take a day off, but it makes your mind get more fragmented each day you take off. When I write everyday I think clearly and wonder if I even need to write morning pages or not. When I miss a day I start feeling mildly confused like I’m forgetting something. When I miss two days I get more angry, less artistically focused, less happy with life. When I miss three days I start feeling so upset that I notice it consciously and go back to writing morning pages on It costs $5/month to use the site after 30 days, but that is what I need to keep me writing. It is easy to cancel, but when I feel lazy and don’t want to write I am so cheap that I know I have to either write or cancel, so it gives me a 40% boost to being consistent, which I honestly need.

Morning Pages Make Dreams Come True
We can’t follow our dreams with too much mental overload or unresolved emotional baggage, morning pages is not a method to resolve emotional baggage, but it creates a timespace to do that. The method I use is called “the Work,” but I wouldn’t make time to do that if I didn’t have time for morning pages. To write morning pages you need to steal an hour or half an hour back from “the world,” when you learn to take an hour of your own back, you learn to steal more time eventually. Right now I have time to exercise, time to write morning pages, time to work on my new shinny website, time to spend sometime unplugged, time to cook one hard meal a day, but it all started from stealing time for morning pages.

Imperfection an Ally
If I couldn’t write at a certain time, I wrote whenever I could, if I couldn’t finish the length I wrote what I could, if I couldn’t do it one day, I still did the day I could. I did it imperfectly (and never enjoyed mornings, I prefer afternoon or night) but I got the full result, being unblocked mentally, emotionally and artistically.

So this is my first post about morning pages and maybe the last, many people have said it better than me how much morning pages help you clear your mind and follow your true joy, but I haven’t said it before and probably won’t say it again. The truth is the same from all recounting.

Where to Start
If you want to start, try at least for your free 30 days, because it helps to see everyone else on the same struggle checking in… it helps to have a community of artists working along side you.

Let out the dark side that you don’t let out anywhere else, it deserves a space, your shadow side always has something to teach you if you will listen. Don’t worry about what you are writing, you are not supposed to show it to people, it’s writing for the process of expression not for a material outcome that society would be impressed with… sometimes I just write “Ahh, I don’t have anything to say” today I wrote:

“I feel overwhelmed and I am sick, I haven’t been doing my morning pages, I could have, but I didn’t.

Each time I am, I think I don’t need to and when I don’t I realize I do need to write morning pages.

Some breaks are ok, I’m not a slave, it’s not how many pages I can get in a row that attracts me, it’s the clarity from the process.

One page today, helps me very similarly to a huge streak.

I like starting projects more than chugging away at them and I also have trouble dividing them up into units.”

Followed by this post, you’re welcome world of the internet, I admitted I feel crazy too sometimes, in order to reveal to you the cure.

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