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How Can Art Help You Clean?



I have a dream to share cleaning equally with my family members and keep the house tidy in just five minutes a day.



 I want to make cleaning a normative part of my household, something we all do equally, to appreciate what we have, celebrate our equality and keep the house clean, without feeling negative psychologically.



We all hate feeling like we clean up more than others, so I’m experimenting with a team cleaning time, to turn us from individuals to a team we need a uniform.

 I got some printer transfers and three shirts of the same color from the local store (ha ha ha ha ha… no I don’t like to go to the local store unless Amazon really really doesn’t sell what I want, I went to Amazon smile and some amount of sad dogs were saved).

patchshirt-2 shirt-3 shirt

?Aqua blue is obviously the color of sparkling clean, right? Yes!



 I made this inspirational shirt design that shows a family contributing to the mess and cleaning as an energized, harmonious and loving unit. Feel free to use this for your own shirts… if you want me to teach you how to make your own image reply to this post and I’ll make a tutorial.



When I was looking for a positive cleaning quote I thought I was the only one who hated cleaning, but it was hard to even find a positive cleaning quote, so I guess I’m not the only one. The quote I used for my shirt is from Joshua Becker, who is saving kids around the world with his blog, while I am still trying to motivate myself to clean up my own ?… well I am doing my best everyday even if it doesn’t include saving orphans or even getting all the laundry folded… but Joshua’s blog is pretty awesome when I put aside my comparative bitterness. I’ll add it to the Blibary replacing this is why your fat.


I’ll let you know how it goes!

Thanks for reading the whole post.

It gives a bit of meaning to my life.

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